About the installation of valves

2018-06-13 19:56:48 Tobrovalve 37

After choosing the right valves, they need to be install correctly, with periodical maintenance and proper operation can we make fully use of them.

How well the valves are installed directly affect its usage, and close attention should be paid to it.


Some valves have their own directions, for example, stop valve, throttle valve, pressure reducing valve and check valve, etc. If throttle valve is install in the wrong direction, its performance and life circle will be affected. If the pressure reducing valve is wrongly installed, it will be useless in reducing pressure. Once a check valve is installed wrongly, dangers of contamination, even other problems will occur.

Generally there are direction signs on the valve body. If there is no sign can be found, we can identify based on its working principle. Different valves have their own characteristics. Once we know our valves and their working principle well, we can avoid it.

The place for installation must be easy for operation. Even when it is difficult for installation, we should adopt a long-term view for future operations. It is better to keep the valve wheel as your breast height( generally 1.2 meters from the floor). Thus it is easy to operate the valve. Keep valves on the floor wheels to be upward, no tilting, for convenient operation. Valves near walls, machines need to leave space for operators. Upward operation should be avoided, especially for corrosive and poisonous medias, for safety sake.

Gate valves should not be installed upside down. Otherwise the liquid will stay in the valve bennet and the stem will be corrupt. This is forbidden in some techniques and is not easy for packing exchange.